Well, hello there handsome. I'm glad I've piqued your interest. Let me entice you a little further.. 

I decided a long time ago that life is far more exciting when you reinvent yourself and push the boundaries.  My way into this world was through Octavia Blair, a world that allows me to explore my sensuality and playfulness. This secret life allows me to fulfill my huge appetite for adventures to learn, to travel and to take in different cultures. The best part of this journey is doing it with you. 

I am a vision to behold and take pride in being the woman of your dreams through my dress sense and meticulous grooming gathered from my modelling days. Whether it be in a figure hugging skirt and heels or a thong bikini on a white sand, you will be not be disappointed. You’ll find an intriguing blend of a provocatively feminine classic young lady with an innocent look and a contrasting siren's sexual energy. But most importantly, I have a sharp wit and an incredible sense of humour. As a  recent graduate from a top masters school in London - we will never run out of topics to discuss. I have a childlike curiosity that will make you smile all dinner long. 

My personal life is full and busy. However being Octavia Blair & ultimately a positive part of your life is something I cherish and will be ever grateful for. To me, life is about experiences and memories & I hope to make some with you.

"Let me be your confidant, secret lover, or even just an escape..."


- Octavia Blair  

High class Independent Elite London Escort



You. You’re a busy, charismatic, well-travelled gentleman. You work hard, but ultimately deserve to play hard - and you realise this too. Outside your routine, you're looking for some excitement, something that makes your heart skip a beat. So your desires have led you here, looking for that something that you can't seem to find in your day to day. Whether it is a soft, intimate touch, intellectual conversation or even just being around a youthful free-spirited young lady. You're in search of something extraordinary and to your delight, I am out of the ordinary. Look no further... 



I aim to create an environment that allows a genuine connection to form. During our time, I would love to to take care you, remove you from the mundane routine and place you in my wonderful world of feminine aura, filled with laughter, playfulness & spontaneous trips. I also love a man who enjoys pampering and adoring me. I connect more naturally with those that I spend longer with. I like to seduce, tease and slowly build up that irresistible passion. There is nothing more exciting than flirting with our eyes over dinner and connecting through intimate conversation. I'm a great listener, enjoy learning and being mentored so dates that allow this fill my heart with joy.


So even for just a while, allow me to take you on an adventure, free you from the confines of a rigidly scheduled life, escape the daily tasks of everyday and allow you to relax and relish in that thing you miss and chase in your adult life: absolute carefree fun. And what a better way to re-light this fire than with a charming, intelligent companion. I would be delighted to orchestrate your luxurious escape from reality. I look forward to hearing from you.


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