"The sexiest thing a woman can do to a man is crawl inside his head and make his imagination run wild"


My rates reflect my time and the exquisite level of companionship I provide - should anything happen, it is strictly the decision between two consenting adults, and is not being contracted or compensated for. Contacting me with an interest to meet me means that you have reviewed, and accepted my rates. 


  • All cancellations 24 hours or less have a 50% cancelation fee.

  • All dates 3 hours or longer must include public social time or an activity (snacks/drinks).

  • Cash Only. Please place the donation in an unsealed envelope in my view at the beginning of our session. 

  • Couples - please add the equivalent 300 GBP to the donations above. 

  • For all overnight dates, I appreciate 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a day to be a pleasant companion and to function properly.

  • All Travelling costs are covered by you prior to the trip as well as the 25% booking deposit to book and confirm our date.

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