Your photos look too good to be true, is that really you?

Absolutely! My pictures are always updated and a clear reflection of my likeness without the need for tampering (other than blur for discretion). 

Can you send me a picture of your face?

No, I do not show or send pictures of my face for privacy and safety reasons. I am always complimented on my face and told it's one of my best features, so you will not be disappointed. 

How do you communicate throughout scheduling?

Email or WhatsApp only , for both new clients and repeat clients. Please be sure to include all the requested information for a smooth booking process. I will not accept phone calls from clients, new or established, and of course will never call you either. 

How much in advance should I book an appointment?

The more notice I have, the better I can prepare for our appointment. 24 hour notice is the minimum I ask for, if possible.

Are your rates negotiable? 

My rates are not negotiable. Please don't ask, discuss or mention my rates. 

Do you take credit card?

No, cash is the only method of payment accepted.

Do you accommodate couples?

Yes! I love couple dates, I find them so exciting. I require a minimum of two hours for couples dates.

Are you willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Absolutely. Discretion is my number one priority and if this is something that would make you feel comfortable, I am more than happy to comply. 

May I use you as my reference?

Of course, if we have met in the past 8 months, I'm happy to write a reference for you. You do not always have to email me first as I understand time constraints, but it's always pleasant to receive a note.

What can I expect from our time together? 

You will have to come find out. Warning, may be addictive. 

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